Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Morning!!

Here it is Sunday morning and I'm just watching a squirrel in my yard sitting in one of my birdfeeders! I like to put out sunflower seeds for the cardinals, bluejays, etc. but the squirrels love them too so they do whatever they can to reach my feeders. I've even tried giving them their own feeding station but they still want the birds seed too! Oh well, I guess they have to eat too. Getting ready to start my vegetable garden. I have alot of digging to do. Ugh!!! I'll probably plant the usual tomatos, green beans, peppers, broccoli, zucchini (did I spell that right?), and maybe try eggplant. I looove eggplant!! The nicer the weather gets the more I want to be outside doing things. The flowers are next! Off I go!


Room by Room Primitive Decorating said...

Yesterday I found my dog Zoe out in the backyard with a baby bunny in his mouth. Sadly he didn't make it. He's a long haired daschund so I think it's his nature to hunt. Oh, well. I guess that's just nature taking its course. It still made me sad though to see that poor little thing.

Room by Room Primitive Decorating said...

Had a wonderful Mother's Day. My son, daughter and 2 grandchildren were all here. We spent alot of time out in the backyard playing baseball!!! Then my little one Jayden challenged me to a game of badmitton! Of course he won! Planted my vegetable garden and also some flowers. It was an all around great day!