Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Garden is Growing!!

I'm amazed at just how beautifully everything is growing this year. I think all the rain we've been getting has really helped alot! Here are some pics of a clematis vine I planted about 3 years ago. As you can see it's doing great! I have it growing on a heart trellis right now but I think I'm going to have to get something bigger next year.

I also planted a perrenial garden on one side of my house that's doing great too!

Here's a pic of some daisies I planted last week next to a cherub holding a baby bluebird.

I'll be posting many more pics as soon as things start growing more. Everyone have a wonderful rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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Crow's Nest Primitive Shoppe said...

Gorgeous clematis!!
It's definitely thriving with all the rain we've had~
Enjoy the Blooms!